What do we do?

It’s simple - we clear clutter: If its no longer serving you, if its not adding value, joy, or functionality lets help you move it on so you can move on and not be held back.

Sandra from Declutter Deliberately can come to you and sort out your home including:

  • Cluttered to Clean photo for kids toy room/bedroom or adult bedroom – Bedrooms / Wardrobes / Kids Toy Rooms / Spare rooms
  • Kitchens / Lounges or family zones
  • Offices or Studios / Work Spaces / Digital Files and your Inbox
  • Garages or Sheds
  • Tradie vans, Caravans or other vehicles
  • Family Estates

Whatever spaces need tackling, whatever attachments, whatever relationships hang in the balance, Sandra will quickly and efficiently clear the clutter, negotiate and work through the difficult issues, restore order and you can feel good in the space again and move forward.

What do we do
decluttering and professional organising

Declutter Deliberately offers decluttering and professional organising for

  • Decluttering, cleaning or clearing, sorting or packing (check out our room by room guides)
  • Digital decluttering and information management services
  • Professional organising storing and styling solutions
  • Selling valuables, repairing, repurposing or up-cycling items
  • Eco-organising and Education on how to move things on and see that they land in the right place
  • Ethical waste removal and resource recovery services
  • Coaching and Social Work Services: looking at decluttering beyond the tangible
  • Setting strategies for simplifying life and achieving ‘right-sized abundance’
  • Support when moving, downsizing or renovating
  • Estate management, restoring valuable items
  • Hoarding and managing squalor
  • Death Doula / Hospice Doula; individual practical quality of life / end-of-life care

We Don’t All Need or Want the Same Things.

That’s why a range of service styles are made available for you

  • DIY
  • DAY
  • DFY
  • Resource Recovery and Clutter Removal Services
  • Cleaning, Sprucing, Styling and Storage Solutions
  • In-home, Phone and Online Services

Please check updates with us for COVID 19 restrictions to our services 

What Changes Can Decluttering Make


We serve all areas in the metropolitan areas and can offer online or phone service options for country areas. Whether it is your home, estate, work, digital space, garage, shed, caravan, tradie van, vehicles, head or heart, by working through our D.E.C.L.U.T.T.E.R and 7-step process you can declutter deliberately, efficiently and simply. We can do everything from sorting, clearing, cleaning or removing items.

Reach out if you have further questions

We’ll be happy to chat and alleviate any concerns or queries you may have and we love getting your feedback.

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