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Professional Services

Clutter impacts, time, energy, and relationships for people. When you want the clutter wars over and the job done without fuss we get it because you’re not alone! If you feel like its time to let someone else take on the negotiations, deal with the stuff and end the battles about what to keep, where to put it or whose going to dust it then delegate to us! We love clutter clearing and we’re damn good at it. 


We support families, communities, Real Estate agents, the health care sector, ageing and disability sectors, industry, Government and private organisations. We offer education and are able to put practice, processes and protections in place to support families and family intervention support service.


Prices negotiated $60 & up for an hour. Consults free and no obligation. Packages available.

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We’ll be happy to chat and alleviate any concerns or queries you may have and we love getting your feedback.

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