Personal and Professional Services:

Personal and Professional Services

Personal and Professional Services

People often put the task off and soon find it swells in to something overwhelming or that the worst happens and they’re less able to manage the clean up. At Declutter Deliberately we’re trained professional’s who understand the complexities and difficulties of how clutter, hoarding, squalor and mess can get on top of us.


We’re experienced in working with interagency responses to get results for people and we have the time and flexibility to commit to helping create lasting change. With understanding comes non-judgement so families can have a friend at their door or on the phone when they need one and tap in to a community to keep the success tracking. We may be the friends that stop the need for statutory interventions. We can also support ongoing community links for people to stay on track and remain connected.


Prices negotiated $60 & for up an hour. Consults free and no obligation. Packages available.

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