• Our motto is to help you to declutter deliberately, live lighter and move your mindset
  • We will always strive to declutter ethically to protect and preserve the environment and precious resources
  • We educate and integrate practices to reduce, reuse, recycle, rehome, repair, repurpose, rethink, rot and remove resources
    (and more) to care for you, communities and the environment.
  • We Choose Authenticity & Act With Integrity
  • We Will Strive To Ensure Our Decisions Are Based Out Of Love Not Fear
  • With Life On Our Terms We Follow Our Bliss, We Nourish Ourselves
  • We Remember Whimsy To Not Take Life Too Seriously
  • We Understand EVERYTHING is Abundant
  • And So We Act Generously
  • We Value Community Over Competition
  • We Trust Ourselves Knowing We Are
  • More Than We Ever Know or Dare
  • We Move In Grace. Live In Awe & Act In Lightness
  • We Live To Serve. This Gives Us
  • Courage That We Might Take Strength
  • We Remember Our Elders
  • Honour Those Who Have Come Before
  • And Hold Those Here Dearly
  • We Give Love. We Leave Only Love Behind
  • This Is Our Footprint & Our Legacy.
  • IN This Way We Treat Ourselves & Each Others
  • Only With Love, Humour & Kindness
  • We Work Graciously to Be Kind and to Stay Fair.
  • We Will Remain Aware that EVERYTHING Is Connected
  • Stepping Out We Let Go Of Ego And Grow. Stretch. Breathe
  • We Trust All Necessary Things Will Come. So We Allow. We accept all that is.
  • Here We Resonate. In This State We Stay In the Vibration
  • Appreciating What We Do EVERY Day Counts
  • We Step Out. We Make Our Move. And Make It Again.
  • We understand there is NO Failure – There Is Only Feedback.
  • So We Trust. Pay Attention. Surrender. Take Courage. Listen
  • We Get That Success Leaves Clues
  • And So We’re All In With All Daring and With All Vulnerability
  • Ready For All That Can Be Rewarded
  • To Those That Dare To Put Themselves In the Arena
  • We’re Thrilled To Be Here With You Now To Share In This Amazing Moment
  • Because For Us Life Is About Purpose, Fulfilment & Ultimately Enlightenment
  • Significance For Us Is About Impact Through Compassionate Connection, Sharing, Working Together, We Are All About ConnectionThrough
    • Belonging – Through Deep Meaningful Relationships
    • Through Caring More About Others First & Foremost
    • Through Connection and Awareness Of What Is Greater Than All Of Us
    • Through Awe, Humility, Unending Curiosity & Wonder
    • Through Protecting, Preserving, Learning and Educating,
  • We Invite You To Join Us
  • For Here Is Where The Adventure Begins

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