DIY – Do It Yourself

DIY – Do It Yourself

DIY – Do It Yourself

You may be a purveyor of fine things, collectibles connoisseur, harassed hoarder or OCD organised, come along for light conversation, discussion and practical tips on decluttering, ethical waste, recycling, eco-organising and more.  Learn to identify clutter traps and find sustainable ways to avoid them. Build muscle and wisdom to break unhealthy over-consumption habits. Or perhaps you’d like to get the whole family on board? Like to know the best ways to make change for yourself and others? These are common reasons people call in the professionals.

DIY: Decluttering 'From Pitfalls to Priorities to Peace of Mind'

If you want to DIY and get it right the first time get the process explained. Save time and frustration by learning all the tips and tricks first. We’ll go through the 7 P’s Process so you can do it yourself. It’s a process that work every time. Empower yourself and know when to throw, when to up cycle and repurpose & how to let go even when its hard. Let us detail every step and Q and A to your particular problem areas.

What Changes Can Decluttering Make
Declutter Deliberately

DIY: Decluttering, Abundance Right-sizing & Styling

Learn how to best style a home or workspace that suits your needs. We love de-cluttering so let us take the ‘overwhelm’ off you and make it a fun experience. Then afterwards you can enjoy this new sacred space you’ll call ‘home’ or make work ‘a home away from home.’ It’s bound to increase your productivity at the same time.

Consults start at $60 for 60 minutes. Decluttering and styling will cover some clutter removal and a style package. Initial call-out consults can be negotiated dependent on location. Styling sessions prices are negotiated on needs. Workshops are available for groups on request

Reach out if you have further questions

We’ll be happy to chat and alleviate any concerns or queries you may have and we love getting your feedback.

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