DAY – Done Alongside You

DAY Done Alongside You

DAY – Done Alongside You

Want to start but get overwhelmed or get stuck along the way? We’ll stand alongside you, sleeves rolled up and work with you bringing our strategies and game plan to the table. Need a wingman or a friend? We’re there.

Keep, Throw, Donate, and Recycle?

Together we’ll help you to decide what to keep, throw, sell, donate, recycle, change or trash and you’ll receive support to work through difficult and undecided items. Some decisions are hard. Many things can slow our progress down. With a professional organiser it’s easy to work through difficulties and move past pains. Sometimes just working on our own habit-patterns and getting clear on where we’d rather be can make all the difference with stuck areas.

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Additional Needs and Difficulties:

What about when there are additional difficulties though making clutter clearing hard? With age, health, injury and disability we can find ourselves limited in what we can do. Where there’s loss, such as the loss of a loved one, loss of dreams and plans, or loss of identity, talking and working through grief and trauma can help clear the obstacles to return us to a better place. 


In all cases, we have people to cover the heavy lifting, heavy hearts or just to know where and how to best sell, move or donate goods. If you’ve lost sight of it we can show you how life can work, even when difficulties are present. People just like you are already sharing ways with us to make keeping on top of things simpler and easier and you can too. If you love smart storage solutions we do too; together we can work with you to ensure you’re getting the best value out of your space. Ethical waste, eco-organising, and resource recovery services can take the pain out of working out where to send unwanted items. 


Prices negotiated $60 & up for an hour.

Reach out if you have further questions

We’ll be happy to chat and alleviate any concerns or queries you may have and we love getting your feedback.

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